Interior Design, Space Planning &

We believe that the single most important element in any commission is the client. Our aim is first and foremost to interpret your taste rather than imposing ours.
At the initial visit to the Studio or Home Consultation we ascertain your exact requirements and identify areas that need particular consideration. We then carry out a Site Survey to verify measurements are then able to provide imaginative solutions combining the various elements of style, colour, form and function.
Our service varies but is carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual. Naturally we have to charge for our time but as well as avoiding expensive mistakes, this ensures you receive honest advice on each and every element with the primary aim of maximising the potential of the property.

We undertake commissions generally between London and Land’s End (and sometimes further afield!). In consequence the Studio operates strictly on an appointment basis. This ensures we are able to offer a level of attention that is increasingly rare in this digital age.