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Inspired by you

Every project presents a different challange; clients always have their own specific requirements and parameters whilst the range of products available grows inexorably. Developing an innate understanding of needs and aspirations, interpreting and implementing schemes that reflect both the tastes and character of a building and its inhabitants are the key elements in creating a 'home'.
A sense of style, balance and proportion coupled with a consuming passion for perfection are both the motivation and hallmarks of all that we do.
I look forward to working with you.

Paul has organised the d├ęcor for six homes for us during the last few decades, ranging from a large chateau in France to our present small house in Exeter. In each case he worked to our taste and the results have been brilliant. The appealing interiors have led to easy sales, whatever the state of the property market at the time and his work adds real value in every way. Pam and Richard Hughes


Paul Carter